The Smarter Way to Train

Call it e-learning, call it on-the-job-training, call it enhanced customer support...just don't call it inconvenient and boring.

With Camtasia Studio, you can produce interactive training and support videos that travel anywhere and are ready for instant viewing by staff or customers, day or night. Screencasts are quick, easy, and inexpensive to produce. And people like watching them. So they're perfect for rolling out new software, orienting new staff, showing customers how to use your product, or establishing a "self-help" desk.

It's a little bit like cloning yourself. Which is why you'll call Camtasia Studio the smart way to do training.

What features will I use for training?

  • Capture PPT presentations as video and audio
  • Record interaction with websites or software apps
  • Engage viewers with callouts
  • Measure retention with Flash quizzes
  • Show the action clearly with auto zoom & pan
  • Save as any popular video format
  • Produce scaled-down version for portable devices